Braford Sustainable Argentina Meat

The Braford breed has outstanding attributes, recognized and accepted by breeders and potential customers.

Through the "Braford Argentina Meat " project, the aim is to enhance the breed attributes, in relation to meat, with indicators and strength variables.

Various measurements will be made, the differences with other brands will be analyzed, and the quality of meat will be segregated according to geographical area.

In this way, It will collaborate in the production through the focus on the final consumer, and regardless of who purchases the breed to improve their herd.

Through the relationship with the criteria of the Zero Carbono Braford, project, we'll work on the certification protocol that will allow national and international promotion: "Braford Sustainable Argentina Meat".

From its beginnings, the "Braford Sustainable Argentina Meat" project will generate a positive upward spiral of understanding, collaborative work, communication, and diffusion without borders.

Project stages

  • Evaluation
  • Measurement of quality characteristics, consistency, and meat attributes
  • Characterization:
    • Sensory
    • Organoleptic attributes
    • Breed attributes in relation to meat quality
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

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